Skin Care Services

Beauty Facial (45 Mins) $99.00

This pore-cleansing facial will be customized to suit your own specific needs. Your skin will be exfoliated and your pores will be gently extracted. The appropriate mask and cream will be applied.

Deep Cleaning Facial (70 Mins) $139.00

One of our Client’s Favorite Services! An effective treatment for congested pores designed to reduce oil while hydrating the skin. The skin will be deeply exfoliated and extractions will be performed. High frequency will be used and the appropriate mask and cream will be applied.

During the high frequency treatment, enriched oxygen molecules are produced that create an anti-bacterial action and a “natural” thermal tissue warming. This reaction helps your blood vessels push away toxins, while the cells in your skin are enriched with nutrients and hydrating volume. This in turn creates an increase in blood circulation and cell renewal that supports increased levels of collagen and elastin. The skin is left feeling instantly energized and noticeably softer after just one treatment.

The appropriate mask will be applied and a moisturizing cream specific for your skin type will be applied, followed by an SPF for services booked during the day.

Hydrojelly Mask and LED Therapy ADD ON $49.00

A Perfect ADD ON for any of your Skin Care Treatments! This Hydrojelly Mask Application is Customized to your Skin Needs. LED therapy will also be a part of this treatment and it will be tailored to your specific skin concerns as it will help with acne, inflammation, product absorption and collagen stimulation. You will also receive a relaxing neck and hand massage with this Add On. Definitely worth it!

LED Treatment ADD ON $39.00

This LED Therapy ADD ON will be tailored to your skin and it will help with a variety of skin concerns such as acne, sensitivity, inflammation, collagen stimulation, hyperpigmentation and product absorption.

Signature Hydradermabrasion $189.00

Also called Hydradermabrasion, a Hydrofacial is one of the most powerful, non-invasive skin resurfacing treatments available today. It combines cleansing, exfoliation, hydration and antioxidant protection that removes dead skin cells and impurities, while simultaneously delivering moisturizing serums into the skin. A top of the line machine is used to performed this service.

Gold Hydradermabrasion $219.00 ( Hydrofacial and Radiofrequency)

This amazing treatment includes the Hydradermabrasion Service and Radiofrequency.

Radiofrequency skin tightening, also called RF Treatment, is a non-invasive procedure consisting of a wand that is connected to a machine that creates radio waves. The radio waves give off heat that stimulates the skin to produce more collagen and elastin. This treatment is excellent at speeding up cell turnover and therefore the skin gets firmer, and thicker over time.

Radiofrequency skin tightening is considered safe and effective. The FDA has approved it for reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Platinum Hydrafacial “The Ultimate Face Lift” $269.00 (Hydrodermabrasion + Radiofrequency+ Microcurrent with LED”

The Ultimate Treatment for those who want a Face Lift Effect without Botox or Fillers. It includes Hydrodermabrasion, Radiofrequency, and Microcurrent with LED.

Microcurrent Facial Toning and LED Light Therapy are two of the top treatments when it comes to muscle toning and firming aging and damaged skin. Microcurrent improves muscle tone and facial circulation, aids in lymphatic drainage, and enhances product penetration by using a low level of electrical current to stimulate the muscles underneath the skin. It re-educates facial muscles, improves elasticity and skin tone. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and provides intense hydration.

LED Therapy stimulates collagen production and can be tailored to each specific client. It results in firmer skin and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. It can also be tailored to treat acne, or to calm down redness or skin having flare ups.

A series of treatments is highly recommended, followed by routine maintenance for longevity of results.

A series of about 6 treatments is Highly recommended for people under 50, and a series of aprox. 8 treatments is recommended for people over 50.

Back Facial Deep Cleansing $169.00

Our backs also need some love! We know it is difficult to reach so let us take care of it for you. Steam will be used to open up pores as we exfoliate and deeply cleanse your skin. Extractions will be performed, followed by high frequency to help clear up any breakouts and bacteria. A customized mask will be applied.

Back Hydrodermabrasion (Hydrafacial) (1 hour) $299.00

We all Love the Results that Hydrofacials give, and now your back can enjoy it too! Steam will be used and your back will be cleansed. A top of the line Hydrodermabrasion machine will be used to Exfoliate, Extract, and Hydrate your Skin. Customized serums will be delivered into their skin addressing any skin concern.

Microneedling 1 Session $179.00

(3 Sessions Package) $490.00

Microneedling is a skin-rejuvenating procedure in which tiny needles create punctures in the top layer of skin with the goal of improving overall texture and appearance. A numbing cream is applied first, then the needles are moved across the skin using a small handheld device. The purpose of treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin. 

Microneedling is mostly used on the face and may treat various scars, wrinkles and fine lines, hyperpigmentation and large pores.

You may need to undergo at least 3 sessions to see the desired results.


  • Active acne, herpes, impetigo.
  • Skin cancer, solar keratosis, warts, skin infections.
  • Rare and severe form of keloid scarring, in which every pin becomes a keloid.
  • Patients on any anticoagulant (warfarin, heparin).
  • Systemic and local infections.
  • Diabetes.
  • Pregnancy and breast feeding.
  • Botox (wait at least one week or more).
  • Fillers (wait ten days or more).
  • Patients on chemotherapy, radiotherapy or high doses of corticosteroids.

Topical Local Anesthetic isn’t suitable if you check any of the following active conditions. However, microneedling can be done without TLA

  • Pregnancy / Breastfeeding
  • Hepatic disease
  • Pseudo cholinesterase deficiency
  • P-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) allergies
  • Sulphonamide allergies
  • Arrhythmia medications


  • After treatment, the skin will develop erythema and sensation of a sunburn, which should subside within the next 24 hrs. Some patients may experience minor itching or swelling. This occurs from accelerated cellular desquamation.
  • Keep repair cream applied to skin overnight and wash next morning with warm water only, pat dry face gently with a clean and soft towel.
  • The use of cleansers or topical products should be avoided for at least 36 hours post treatment, unless otherwise directed by the specialist.
  • Makeup may be used only when the skin is completely healed (wait 48 hours post procedure). Using makeup on broken skin poses a certain risk of hyperpigmentation as a result of infiltration of makeup into the open tissue, as well as the risk of potential bacterial infection and inflammation in the treatment area.
  • Peeling cream can be used to soften and superficially resurface the epidermis but only after the skin has totally recovered from the skin needling treatment.
  • No exercise, physical activity and hot water after treatment (avoid sweat).
  • Once the skin has completely healed resume skin care routine.

Chemical Peel (1 Session) $160.00

(4 Sessions) $490.00

A chemical peel is a procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers. They are used to improve the appearance or feel of the skin. During this procedure, chemical solutions will be applied to the area being treated, which causes the skin to exfoliate and eventually peel off. Once this happens, the new skin underneath is often smoother, appears less wrinkled, and may have less damage.

Chemical peels are used to treat wrinkles and fine lines, sun damage, hyperpigmentation discolored skin and scars

You may need to undergo the procedure for a few sessions to get the desired results.

After a chemical peel of any depth, your skin will be red, tight, irritated or swollen. Follow directions for sun protection, cleansing, moisturizing and applying protective ointments to your skin. Avoid picking, rubbing or scratching your skin. It may take a few months and treatments before your skin color returns to normal and you can see the full results of the peel.

A chemical peel is not for everyone. Do not book a chemical peel if:

  • Use of Accutane®, Retin-A®, or other medications that exfoliate or thin the skin within 6 months.
  • Have taken or oral acne medication isotretinoin (Myorisan, Claravis, others) in the past six months.
  • Recent cosmetic surgery, laser resurfacing, deep or medium depth chemical peels or dermabrasion
  • Severe rosacea or acne
  • Have a personal or family history of ridged areas caused by an overgrowth of scar tissue (keloids).
  • Are pregnant or Breast-feeding
  • Sunburn or irritated skin
  • Open sores or lesions
  • Infectious disease
  • Active Herpes simplex
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Deficient immune system
  • Permanent cosmetics (wait two weeks)
  • Have frequent or severe outbreaks of cold sores.
  • Easily scars or has hyper-pigmentation tendencies

About a week before the peel, avoid unprotected sun exposure, stop using hair removal techniques such as electrolysis or depilatories. Also, avoid hair dying treatments, permanent-wave or hair-straightening treatments, facial masks, or facial scrubs. Don’t shave or wax the areas that will be treated beginning 24 hours before your peel treatment.

Stay cool for 48-72 hours following a peel. Sweating or excess perspiration can include blistering and increase the potential for PIH to develop. Avoid sun exposure for a week following your Chemical Peel Procedure and continue using sun protection everyday.

Microdermabrasion Treatment (60 Mins) $160.00

Microdermabrasion uses a minimally abrasive instrument to gently sand your skin, and it has many benefits. This type of skin rejuvenation is used to treat light scarring, discoloration, sun damage and will stimulate collagen production.  Extractions will be performed and the appropriate mask and moisturizer will be applied.

A Hydrojelly Mask and LED Therapy ADD ON is highly recommended after this Skin Care Treatment.  

Dermaplaning Facial (60 mins) $179.00

Your skin will be cleansed and Dermaplaning will be performed. Dermaplaning is a skin treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to skim dead skin cells and hair from your face. It aims to make your skin’s surface smooth, youthful, radiant, and increases absorption of topical products. It also diminishes the appearance of fine lines. Gentle Extractions will follow and the appropriate Mask and Moisturizer will be applied.

Add Ons such as LED Therapy for Anti-Aging and Collagen Production, Customized Peels, Hydrojelly Masks, and Medical Grade Serums are Available for Most Skin Care Treatments

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